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The Opportunity

Why Sponsor the The Untold Story of AND1 “Bigger then the Brand” Documentary?

Sports teams or clubs that can attract and retain loyal fans are at an advantage. Sports fans, especially those who attend games to route for their favorite team and players, often exhibit brand loyalty and they are usually consistently loyal, despite performance, for the long haul.

“If it wasn’t for you who knows where AND1 would have went.  You helped pave the way and was a part of history.  Nobody can ever be bigger than the game of basketball.”

– ghostgroundz

“I’ve been a fan of you and the AND1 family since 2001, once you guys actually came to Columbia SC and played in the arena .  I just couldnt believe my dreams were coming tru.  But also you (Main Event), Hot Sauce and Flash are my alltime favorite players, ya’ll even took pictures with me and my mother.  You all inspired game on me with culture and everything man.  I’ll always be here to listen and to learn new things to teach the youth.”


“As an AND1 supporter from Day 1, I wish they would do an ESPN special 30 for 30 on ya’ll.  I swear I’m telling my friends that all the time. As a fan that would be like an ultimate dream come true hearing everybody’s stories.”

– ezyenb

“You have to invest in culture not consumption”. – Vivienne Westwood

Logos on Uniforms

Multiple logos and company name placements available for sponsorship on player’s jerseys and shorts.


Revenue from sponsoring partners in tour, league, and other digital content.


Product Placement

Place your brand in the documentary for World Wide exposure on popular streaming network.


Liscensing the use of teams, players names, and league to companies selling products.

Advertisements and Commercials

Brand Advertisements and commercials for your brand on Documentary breaks.

Website/Youtube Promo

Banners subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Brand Collaboration Events

Brand Collaborations for Events on Streetball Tour and Festivals.

Music Distribution

Streetball Mixtape tour Music streaming revenue.


Apparell, Souvenirs, collectibles, etc 

Player Endorsements

Revenue streams with player endorsements.

Sports sponsorship is now seen as an ideal platform to raise brand awareness as sports has truly proven captivating for fans all over the world.

Experiences is what is important for future generations. This leaves an important opportunity for sponsors to create these in and around games. We know how important the half time show of the Superbowl is. Just a match won’t do the trick in the future. Visiting an all-encompassing experience is what the future fan wants. Streetball has withstood the test of time and the “Bigger than the Brand” documentary is the launch of revitalizing streetbal through its roots and maintaining its purpose for providing a support system to motivate and elevate communities.  

Whether it is consumer, brand, league or club or digital platform, everything is turning global. GenZ and GenAlpha will be global rather than national citizens and they want to be able to engage 24/7 wherever in the world. Traditional leagues and clubs have to turn global in order to compensate for lower local participation and engagement rates. Digital platforms are already global. Geographic reach will be the name of the game and with reach I mean consumers!

That’s also why global events will only get more traction in the future. These events are capable to reach these audiences and connect to fans all over the world. That’s why the Discoveries, Amazons and Facebooks of this world are willing to pay big bucks for rights of global events and sponsors no doubt will pile up to jump on the bandwagon.

It means sports sponsorship money is pouring into leagues, players, teams and events especially in our post covid climate.

Note that the investment in sponsorships in 2020 alone already amount in excess of 1 Billion USD!

It’s all about getting ownership over the fan.  The documentary gives you the opportunity to connect your brand to a global movement with a loyal fanbase in a climate where everyone is itching to a part of something bigger.

What more could you hope for in a sponsorship opportunity?

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  Remind an older generation of what once was and what should be again.

Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon