“Unbelievable, crazy entertaining”

– Rolling Stone Magazine

“They Surpassed Perfection, Easily”

– New York Times

“Simply Amazing Performance”

– Chicago Tribune

“The game is raw from start to finish – only real ballers are making shots. No heart, no glory. If you take a loss, or get knocked off, then handle your business. Pay your dues. Practice your skills and bounce back. Opponents are competitors waiting for the chance to steal yours. So put in the work…free throws, jump shots, fundamentals. ALL I DO IS BALL! I live this game. It’s a part of me. Eat it. Drink it. Sleep it. Pray it. Play it. Ball For Life on the Black Top!”

-Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon

From the late ‘90s through the mid 2000’s AND1 was bigger than the NBA.

– Complex Magazine

 “AND1 was definitely a culture statement”

– Da’Dawn Black

“These guys deserve a spot in Neismiths hall of Fame”

 – Charles Wong

The game wears two faces…

One is organized and structured like a tailored suit, that is the style of play of the NBA and NCAA. Structured play that is organized and fashioned after what James Naismith — the founder of basketball — intended; players being coached, running plays from books, and playing on hardwood floors in gyms and stadiums.

The other is StreetBall, the game’s more intriguing and captivating side. A loud style of basketball that showcases the prowess of individuals and celebrates mental and physical toughness. The coaching happens on the fly and players are only as good as their last shot. This style of play is more fit for gladiator types, those that have a more rebellious nature.

Fouls are not often called; it’s been said, “ No blood No foul.” Legendary Blacktop courts and playgrounds like Rucker Park and Fourth Ward Park gave rise to countless Streetball legends. The best of the best, including NBA greats, have all tested their skills on these same courts.

“An American invention, Basketball is recognized and respected around the World.

An immense level of practice, that borders obsession, is needed to master all areas of the game.

Basketball has rules and standards; it is regarded as the ultimate team sport.”

Streetball has always held bragging rights as the home of true talent – but the financial respect, the multi-billion dollar contracts, they were lacking for decades.

It took a city and a streetball court to give birth to Waliyy Dixon, “The MainEvent”,

a passionate phenom that sparked a movement

giving inspiration and hope to communities championing the elevation of its youth.

It was never the same again.

"Thank you for all you do for the community and the impact you have had on my life on and off the court"

– By Chris C. AKA the Shoeperhero

"I'm 40, from Spain, grown up with those AND1 mixed tapes". So thankful!

– By Jose Luis Molero

"I can never forget what y'all gave us to experience !!!"

– By Boss_Don_Wave

"Waliyy Dixon is a G.O.A.T. It's the Main Event !"

– By Daevon Byrdie

"Salute Main Event. He was the big brother of AND1 and a real stand up dude every time he spoke"

– By DifferentEra

"That brother was the Main Event for real"

– By Gene Spight

"Real basketball legend Main Event"

– By Juan Sagredo

"They need to remaster all that old footage and re-release it"

– By Ricardo Perdomo

"Good Days!!! Sooooo Good!!!! The Main Event"

– By Marcos Cortez

"Thank you for the good memories, we were teenagers when AND1 ruled the world"

– By Japhet Ominde

The revenue of the North American sports sponsorship market was estimated at approximately 17.17 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is expected to grow to over 20 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. (January 11, 2021)

“Sport sponsorship can be an incredibly effective marketing tool – strategically in building brands and launching innovations, and building deeper relationships with target audiences – and also in driving sales promotional activity, in more topical and relevant ways”

“Heroes Get Remembered,  But Legends Never Die”.

– Babe Ruth


“Our Mission is to support the progressive evolvement of street basketball through competitive competition, respect and honor to the original culture of basketball.”

Aand1 Team Huddle - Blue and White Jerseys

"main event"

The Linden, N.J. streetball legend worked with AND1 representatives to develop the idea of having the original AND1 Mixtape game and tour. Dixon played on the tour from 2001 through 2006.


Anthony Heyward is from Brooklyn and gained his street handle after Rucker MC Duke Tango witnessed him elevate and dunk over a much larger player.


At a young age, sixth grade to be exact, John Humphrey threw down his first dunk. Since then, the North Carolina native has amazed spectators with his leaping ability at 6’1″ while staying true to the fundamentals of the game.

"Skip to my lou"

Rafer Alston took his legendary streetball exploits all the way to the NBA.

"MR. 720"





Born Robin Kennedy, the Pasadena, Cali. native was given the nickname “Sik Wit It” from his friend, Reggie Cotton, who thought his moves were sick, on the concrete and everywhere in between.

"The Professor"

Grayson Boucher hails from Keizer, Ore.; he joined AND1 in 2003 during their “Survivor” contest. His streetball reputation grew to legendary heights after hitting a game-winner at Madison Square Garden during the 2003 Tour.

"Jamal Philips"

"Tariq Saunders"


Straight out of Philly, Aaron Owens has filthy ballhandling skills and dishes some of the best alley-oops in the game.


 Lonnie Harrell didn’t have the flashiness of streetballer, but the guy possessed a fundamentally sound game and could score points in bunches, which became evident when he dropped 55 points on the AND1 team.

AND1 I Ball Poster


Blacktop StreetBall Association


  Become a part of this magical story

  Inspire a younger generation

  Look ahead with positivity

  Remind an older generation of what once was and what should be again.

Waliyy “Main Event” Dixon